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Thompson Festival of the Arts

I had six pieces submitted this year. Because now that I'm in grade 7 I need 3 separate mediums pieces to qualify for the Inco Scholarship Prize. That one usually goes to a highschool student, but I like competing and I like doing lots of different kinds of art.

I did get an "Award of Merit" and will go on to the final judging at the Festival HighLights Concert in May. They chose my pop art piece "Andrew". The adjudicator likened it to Andy Warhol and said I really had the concept of pop art nailed with it.
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I also had "Wolfmoon" submitted, along with a Stick Figure Dragons cartoon, an acrylic painting, a chalk pastel piece, and a pencil sketch. The comments I got from the adjudicators were really good.

Edit: Mom has posted links to all the pieces I did, and the adjudicators' comments...
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pencil dragon

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This is me working on "The Christmas Dragon" ... A Stick Figure Dragon sculpture for the holidays.

He started out life as a project to use up the toilet tissue rolls I'd saved up for a class craft project that was now done. So I cut them up and taped em into a Stick Figure Dragon. My mom (oceansedge) suggested it might hold together better if I paper machiered it... so I did, well of course then he needed painting. So while I was out getting paints today, we found silver snowflakes to cover him with instead of scales, and brass bells for his tail. He's gonna be a Christmas Dragon.

Thanks to james_b for the inspiration.