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The World of the Fey Child

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10th April 2007

LiveJournal A-Z LiveJournal A-Z

The results of my entry into the Pimp My Aardvark from the Aardvark Project. There are more A to Z Aardvarks here.

(This whole business was the brain child of this Deviant Art person - Zucky.)

27th August 2005

11:36pm: Cause Mom tagged me and said I had to :)
10 things that make me happy:

1 Wakendaas

2 Kaitlyn and Taylor

3 TV

4 Dragons

5 Dancing Gopher

6 Andrew

7 Zeus

8 Mom

9 White Pony's comments

10 James

But I don't have 5 people to tag, so ...

24th April 2005

12:39pm: An announcement...
After a lot of work by oceansedge and the Master of GeekFu james_b The Lizard People are now live and on the air.

I'm planning a weekly update - on Saturdays, but that could change.
This is a very different strip from The Stick Figure Dragons, but I think you'll like it. Serious fantasy story telling, lots of wonderful mythical creatures.

Thanks Mom, Thanks James!
Current Mood: bouncy

16th April 2005

4:07pm: Thompson Festival of the Arts
I had six pieces submitted this year. Because now that I'm in grade 7 I need 3 separate mediums pieces to qualify for the Inco Scholarship Prize. That one usually goes to a highschool student, but I like competing and I like doing lots of different kinds of art.

I did get an "Award of Merit" and will go on to the final judging at the Festival HighLights Concert in May. They chose my pop art piece "Andrew". The adjudicator likened it to Andy Warhol and said I really had the concept of pop art nailed with it.
AndrewCollapse )

I also had "Wolfmoon" submitted, along with a Stick Figure Dragons cartoon, an acrylic painting, a chalk pastel piece, and a pencil sketch. The comments I got from the adjudicators were really good.

Edit: Mom has posted links to all the pieces I did, and the adjudicators' comments...
Current Mood: happy

13th March 2005

1:24am: New Icon
From a strip that's coming up later this month..

This is "Chicken Soup"
Current Mood: amused

25th February 2005

3:54am: A new piece

Clicky for the BIG picture
I like her, I've been drawing her quite a bit.

4th February 2005

5:59pm: I got it back
Mom oceansedge finally got my Wolf Moon picture back!!

5.25 x 8.5 - Scratchboard

1st January 2005

12:51pm: Spiffy new icon...
Thanks james_b

25th November 2004

8:20pm: He's done

5:28pm: This is me working on "The Christmas Dragon" ... A Stick Figure Dragon sculpture for the holidays.

He started out life as a project to use up the toilet tissue rolls I'd saved up for a class craft project that was now done. So I cut them up and taped em into a Stick Figure Dragon. My mom (oceansedge) suggested it might hold together better if I paper machiered it... so I did, well of course then he needed painting. So while I was out getting paints today, we found silver snowflakes to cover him with instead of scales, and brass bells for his tail. He's gonna be a Christmas Dragon.

Thanks to james_b for the inspiration.

20th July 2004

8:29pm: It's been a while
But I thought I'd post some studies my teacher asked me to do earlier this year, and I just like how they turned out..

foxes, and wildebeasts and sharks oh my!Collapse )

7th March 2004

1:31am: Arts Festival Competition
The city here holds an Arts Festival annually, and a competition each year as part of it. I won my division in visual art last year for Stick Figure Dragons - Go Back in Time

This year I wanted to enter a more serious dragon, this is only my second time working in acrylics on canvas.

Green Dragon The Green Dragon

2nd February 2004

12:13pm: Thanks...
Thanks to kelloggs2066 and his friend malkovitch (???), for pointing my mom, oceansedge in the direction of http://www.keenspace.com . Mom thinks she should be able to build me a web comic of my own just as soon as they get the site working again.

18th November 2003

2:07pm: Great Big Sea
I haven't posted in a while. So here's a new post with an old picture. I made this one a while ago... it's a Great Big Sea concert.... as Stick Figure Dragons. I emailed it to their newletter editor.... Mom (oceansedge) gets it in her email. Got a nice reply back from the newletter editor. And a personal mention in the 'mailbag' of today's newsletter. I'm glad they liked it.
Stick Figure DragonsCollapse )
"Jessica Fraser, Thompson, Manitoba - Thanks for the stick figure drawings. At least we look skinny."
They may have gotten the name wrong... (my mom is a Fraser), but it's still NEAT

29th September 2003

9:06am: I like music
I've signed up for the school band. Mom said it was OK. They only have band for grade 6 and grade 7. I'm going to play the flute. Mom got one on rent-to-own, which means it's mine in 3 years. We're going to play a concert at Christmas time if we're good enough, and we're going to play one at the end of the year. I wanted to play trumpet, but I couldn't get a stronge enough seal with my lips, so the music teacher thought flute would be better. When my flute arrived on Friday and I saw it in it's box .. I thought it was so pretty!

Maybe I'll post a picture of me and my flute soon.

7th September 2003

11:54am: Phoenix
This is an old picture, but it's one I like
Current Mood: lazy
2:08am: Pencil Dragon
I thought I'd give you a few pictures to start with.

These are my current user picturs....
Pencil Dragons
Sleeping Dragon
Current Mood: artistic
1:00am: Hello!
I'm feychildthe I wanna thank dewhitton for giving my mom oceansedge an extra code so she could help me set this journal up. My brother frostbyt3 is also here. I'm looking forward to showing you all some of my artwork, and the other fun things going on in my life.
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